Estate in Montenegro

One of the most popular areas of investment today is the purchase of real estate abroad, in picturesque corners of the world. Relatively recently, Montenegro, formerly part of Yugoslavia, was added to the list of popular countries in this regard. Mountainous terrain, proximity to the Adriatic and fascinating landscapes make real estate in Montenegro truly a "tidbit". Our compatriots prefer the coastal regions in the South and South-West, in most cases buying apartments, cottages and villas for a period of pleasant holidays. However, residents of other European countries are no less interested in such acquisitions.

What is attractive about Montenegro

To the natural beauty, warm sea and clean mountain air is added such an important factor as the proximity of mentalities. Both Russians and everyone else are treated as their own, without the disdain that is typical for some post-Soviet countries. Montenegrins profess mainly Orthodox Christianity, the basis of writing, the same Cyrillic alphabet, which is also important, as well as the complacent mood of the local population. And in terms of investment, buying real estate in Montenegro is a great way not only to protect against inflation, but also to increase your capital. The entry of this hospitable state into the European Union, the issue is resolved, and the matter of the near future. Because of this, every year the cost of housing only increases by about two times and by investing today, you can guarantee not only a pleasant vacation, but also a comfortable future.

As for the pricing policy, it also contributes to the growth of interest in this segment, it is enough to compare the cost of apartments and houses in the beautiful Balkan country and the capitals of European States. You can make sure that buying real estate in Montenegro cheap is a reality. And it will definitely not be a room in a communal apartment or a tiny Studio, the only plus of which is the proximity to the metro. On average, the cost of a residential square in the country is about 3000 euros, but the specific amounts depend on the main factor.

Proximity to the sea-of course, luxury real estate with its own coastline can cost much more than 10,000 euros, and if the Villa also has a large plot attached, the amount is appropriate. But a kilometer above the sea, both apartments and houses are announced at a price three times less and so decreasing.

Popular areas and the nuances of the law

Undoubtedly, real estate in Montenegro by the sea is more popular than in the mountains, although there is no shortage of applicants, and it is not surprising that the most popular offers are in the area of the Budva Riviera and Bokor Bay. That on the coast, that in mountainous areas, you can buy quite decent housing, even economy class.

It should be clarified that previously, without Montenegrin citizenship, an individual could only buy an apartment, buy a house on land or a plot for development were only legal entities. Today, the situation has become easier, and a private owner can also buy both a house and land, and the transaction is carried out in a few days through the local court. Given that real estate prices in Montenegro are quite acceptable and vary in a wide range, it is available not only to very wealthy people, but also to the middle class.

Interestingly, the classification of apartments is somewhat different - it is not the total number of rooms, but the number of bedrooms. That is, one in the usual sense of the apartment here is a Studio (goranger). Otherwise, the layout does not differ from the standard, new apartments are rented completely ready. But if desired, you can agree on an individual interior design or delivery at the stage of finishing for finishing.

Our company sells only proven objects, at the best prices, with the transaction in accordance with local legislation. We guarantee that our real estate in Montenegro by the sea is cheap and reliable.



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